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Good Night Massage

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Good Night Quotes Lover

I couldn’t fall asleep unless i told you how much I miss you – love you and Good Night 🌃

I am feeling asleep to our song. And I wish you where here with me👩‍❤️‍💋‍👩

I tried counting the reasons I love you❣️ – but there way too many and now I am feeling 🤗 asleep thinking of you

I hope i can fall asleep on your arm tonight🌌

A human can live without water 10 days and without sleep 3 days and I can’t live a day without you! Sweet dream💭

Close your eyes and relex. I will appear in your dreams💭

I never have to worry dad dreams again, i just close my eyes, think of you, and everything is perfect again 🤦

🌃Good night, My man of dream, i will see you there soon

As i wish you Good Night 🌃, i want you to know that you are the last thing  on my mind before i drift off to my wonderland

Good Night Massage

Good Night Quotes Love

I have got you and only you in my 💖

It is cold there and i hope we can worm up together🤗

Will i appear in your dreams💭? I wonder what we will be doing together

Good night 🌃 my handsome and sweet dream💭

I can strongly feel in my heart that you are my true love ❣️

Good night my cute man, I hope you wake up smiling in the morning 🌄

I miss you so bad now sleep well 😴

I can keep myself busy during the whole day but i am really can’t stop thinking of you at night 🌌

Good Night Massage

Good Night Messages with Love

I need a sex Slave tonight 💤, are you available for this?

Sleep tight and Good 🌃 as i wish you the best of dreams with all of my might 😏

I just want to good night and I am thinking of you 🤔

Why say good night when we both know the good things come when you get to see each other?

Good Night beautiful dreams tonight🌃

Where everyone alse hears nothing this night 🌃, the loud beat of this heart you excite will be my lullaby 🤗

All the Star in the sky are not as brite as my love for you, Good Night🌃

Why you want to be in your arms every night 🌌. Good 🌃

Google night my Sweetheart❣️

Good Night Massage

Good Night Messages for Lover

I am so happy to be with you, I wish I didn’t have to sleep so we could keep telling 😊

Each night i Miss you more and more.Goodnight sweet heart❣️

I can feel in my heart that you are my true love. Good night😴

Sweet dreams 💭 for a pleasant night and I wish you ware here holding me night😴

Thinking about you you always gives me such a strong sense of peace, Good Night 🌃

Everything in this life has it’s and the day gives way to the night, Summer is replace by fall, but my love for you will last forever.
Good night 😴, my beloved ❣️.

Good night my man, You will be in my dream💭

I am so lucky to have you, always be with me, I will never let you go my love. Good night😴

Nothing can change how much I love you❣️. Good Night🌃

Good Night Massage

Good Night Quotes to Lover

Sleep well and I hope that i will be the first thing on your mind when you wake up🥱

Just a thought about your removes all my worries, thank you fro bring in my life, Good Night💤

I am laying there thinking of you as i am about to drift off and I am so thankful to have you in my life as my sweet heart and my love and i wish you the sweetest of dreams 💭

Good night, i love you bebe❣️

I like the Night, without the dark we’d Never See the star, I wish you sweet dreams 💭

My Massage for you tonight are dreams filled with love, peace, comfort and thought of me

When i lay in bad, I think my lucky star That i have you in my Life

I have never dreamed of you. I can never fall asleep because you are always on my mind

I wish my heart would be a piace of paper so that it could sleep in your arms, Good Night 🌃

Good Night Massage

Good Night massage to Love

You are my light when I am in dark, you are my god thought of mind…. Thank you for being in my life Good Night 😘

The Night Breeze below through my hair and remind me of how amazing it is when we are together. I wish you could be here tonight. I love you ❤️

I was dreaming about you and smiling all night long 🌃

Sometimes, there are things that i cannot explain, The first time i was truly stumped was when I realise that my life changed when i met you. All of a sudden it became impossible to sleep😴

One day we will be old and boring. But tonight, we are young and vibrant. All i know is that no matter how old i am, You will always be running through my dream at night 🌃, Sweet dreams my love 😘

Star are shining outside and it is the time when I should say you. Good Night 💤

I wish we didn’t have to sleep apart, so i will be seeing you in my dream my love ❤️

I am just starting at the selfie that we took together in the day so that i can pass the lonely night away. Good Night 🥱

I bought a new bra today. Would really like your opinion tonight

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